Attendance & Discipline


In order to gain full benefit of the class, good attendance is a must. Being prompt to class is also extremely important. If your child is late, she may miss the warm ups that can help prevent injury. If she is 15 minutes late or more to class, she may be asked to wait until the next class to enter. This is because your child has missed the appropriate warm-up as mentioned above and it is very distracting and discourteous to the teacher and the other students who arrive on time.

The dancer must come to class in the appropriate clothes specified in the dress code. He/She may be asked to observe if they are wearing inappropriate clothing. Teachers cannot correct students if they cannot see their bodies, feet, or if the child cannot do the movement due to constricting clothing.

Our classes must be a positive learning environment; therefore, if a student does not follow the rules or is disrespectful to the instructor, we reserve the right to remove him/her from class.